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From the critically-acclaimed author of Welcome to the Fallen Paradise comes a gothic treatment of the American South: a hard-charging depiction of religion, family, friendship, deception, and evil. Zion is a mystery set in the rural South, the story of a war fought over the killing of hardwoods in Baxter Parish, Louisiana. The tale begins in 1964 and ends a decade later, but the Hardin family, faithful members of Little Zion Methodist Church, will carry the scars for life.

A quote from David Armand, author of Harlow: A Novel: “Dayne Sherman’s new novel is a taut literary thriller told in the vein of Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men and Larry Brown’s Joe. Like all enduring literature, this book deals with the big issues: the Old Testament themes of justice, morality, revenge, fatherhood, and ultimately of how one finds hope and salvation in a fallen world. Zion is a book you will not want to put down, and it will make the ten years you’ve waited since Sherman’s first novel seem worth every second.”

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Zion: A Novel
By Dayne Sherman
October 30, 2014
ISBN 978-0-9906303-0-2
6×9 paperback / $16.95

Buy Kindle and Paperback here.


Welcome to the Fallen Paradise: A Novel
By Dayne Sherman
Tenth Anniversary Edition
March 21, 2015
ISBN 978-0-9906303-2-6
6×9 paperback / $16.95

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Security: A Peebo Grizzle Short Story (Peebo Grizzle Stories Book 1). Ebook only 99 cents.

For Peebo Grizzle, life is supposed to be simple: a good wife, a loveable bulldog, a Mack log truck to drive, and plenty of cold beer to drink on the weekends. But this Louisiana paradise falls apart after too many tickets and a personal fight with the Department of Public Safety. The conflict has him fired from his job and separated from his wife. He plots his revenge and tries to get back what is his, both job and family. “Security” is about survival, and Peebo nearly triumphs in his own wickedly funny way.

This is the first story in a series of Peebo Grizzle fiction. More stories will be released in the near future, and the full novel will be published as a print, ebook, and audio. “Too Stupid to Love” is Story No. 2 in the series.


Too Stupid to Love: A Peebo Grizzle Short Story (Peebo Grizzle Stories Book 2). Ebook only 99 cents.

From Dayne Sherman, the critically-acclaimed author of Welcome to the Fallen Paradise and Zion, comes the comic treatment of Peebo Grizzle and his quest to get back home to Oxford, Mississippi. A twisted version of John Bunyan or a drunken Don Quixote, Peebo finds his approach to life impossible to maintain in Louisiana. He takes off in his pea green El Camino, a gun in one hand, and a pint of Wild Turkey in the other. He has robbery on his mind, but the pistol is unloaded, as is his billfold. This story will find him laid out and needing help, and it comes from the most dangerous place of all.


WARNING: This collection of three stories contains graphic images of violence, some of which includes violence against pets. Readers should be aware of this prior to purchase. Author’s note: Absolutely no animals were harmed in the making of this ebook.“Snakebit” is a morality tale about what happens when someone messes around with a Southerner’s feist squirrel dog. “Dogs of Pain” is set in the last days of open range cowboy culture in Louisiana, the story of the Oil Bust of the 1980s, and a man trying to survive while taking care of his broken family. “Hard to Remember, Hard to Forget,” a short-short story, recalls folklore of the Great Depression and the heartbreaking truth that all aged Grandfathers weren’t kind or benevolent.


Collection 2: Witness, Returning, and Boys: Three Short Stories. Ebook only 99 cents.

Three celebrated short stories set in Louisiana. “Witness,” the story of two neighbors in dangerous conflict, provides a meditation on the delusional nature of violence. “Returning” is the tale of an old man teaching a younger man a lesson he doesn’t want to learn with a backdrop of domestic violence. “Boys” traces the wayward steps of a married man having an affair when his faithful wife is tragically killed.


Collection 3: Chemistry: A Short Story. Ebook only 99 cents.

If you enjoyed “Breaking Bad” or This American Life’s “Serial Podcast,” you’ll like Dayne Sherman’s “Chemistry.” “Chemistry” is the story of trust betrayed and the dangerous world of the War on Drugs. Set in Baxter Parish, Louisiana, “Chemistry” takes on the heart in conflict with itself, as William Faulkner once said.


Collection 4: One More Disaster: A Short Story. Ebook, only 99 cents.

“One More Disaster” is the tale of a young attorney displaced after Hurricane Katrina. A prosperous lawyer with a beautiful wife and family, all was lost when he landed in a FEMA trailer park outside of Ruthberry, Louisiana, in rural Baxter Parish. As the marriage breaks under pressure, life is made anew in the Little Sicilian Bar. Readers will love Kyle Vancleave and what he becomes after he loses everything.

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