A new reader review of Zion: A Novel

Sherman’s first novel introduced us to an amazing talent with a unique voice. Sherman’s second novel, Zion, shows us that this voice has gotten stronger.

Tom Hardin is a man with a set of morals that are out of sync with the world changing around him. Fighting against big business, old money, and just plain evil, Tom is just trying to do what’s best for him and his family. From the beginning, the tension in the novel builds as we see Tom battle against those that threaten his way of life and his family. It is impossible not to empathize with Tom and to root for him as the situation goes from bad to worse. All the way to the last page, Zion is difficult to put down.

Sherman’s first novel, Welcome to the Fallen Paradise, is always one of the first novels I recommend to people when they ask for a good book. Now it’s going to be difficult to tell people which novel to read first. Really, you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Jonathan Chandler, Atlanta, Georgia

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