A new review of Zion by a librarian

Louisiana Revealed, November 26, 2014
By L. Smith “librarian and vampire aficionado” (Near New Orleans)
This review is from: Zion: A Novel (Paperback)
Sherman’s first book was very good. This one is better. I happen to live in the real-world parish upon which the fictional Baxter Parish is based and Sherman has truly caught the character of the people in southeastern Louisiana. Even though the novel is set in 1964 and 1974, the area is still much the same as in the story. Church, family, work, hunting, and scandal are the pillars upon which the community is built. Into this rich background Sherman has dropped some truly memorable people. On top of that he’s layered a pulse-pounding mystery. The book is a rich gumbo of excellent ingredients combined with great care. I think you’ll find it very tasty.


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